Thursday, April 1, 2010

Longest Escalator

Western Hemisphere's Longest Escalator: Silver Spring, MD

  • Directions: Take the red line train towards Glenmont. Exit on the Wheaton stop. The escalators take you out of the station.
I didn't believe my friend when he told me that the longest escalator was in the metro system in DC. My sister and I went a few years ago to double check this. It was humongous!!!!! It took us forever to get up there, and my knees were weak coming down the stairs. We decided to go again this trip to time how long it took to get up to the top. It took us 2 minutes and 49 seconds to get to the top without any walking! It's a nice place to check out, because you don't need to leave the station to see it. It does take some time to get to the stop, since it is one of the last stops on the red line.

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  1. Whoa! I have issues with escalators. The photo alone scares me. But it's nice not to have to move your feet for 3 minutes unless you want to. :+D