Monday, March 29, 2010

Ford's Theatre

Ford's Theatre: 511 Tenth St, NW, Washington, DC 20004

  • Directions: Take the Red Line Metro to the Metro Center station. Head out to F Street, and turn right. Head to 11th Street, and turn right again. The theatre will be just down the street.
I have always been interested in the Civil War era. The first time I was out to DC, the theatre was closed for renovation. Last spring I made it a must stop on our trip. My sister and I didn't bother to reserve tickets online for a dollar, we decided to wait in line at the theatre to get tickets. What we didn't know is that we should've reserved online...a few weeks before getting out there. When we were waiting in line at about 10 or 11am, we were told they were out of tickets for the day, and we may be able to get tickets for the next day. We were able to get tickets for that day because people didn't want the tickets anymore. I was so excited about it! First, when we got back to the theatre, we had to wait in line almost all the way down to the end of the block. When we finally got into the theatre, we were ushered to the balcony and given a speech as to the history of the building, the night Lincoln was shot, and what the building was used for after Lincoln was shot. The person speaking to us wasn't dressed in period clothes, she was just a park ranger since the theatre is run by the National Park system. We then find out that the theatre was gutted and used as offices until it was renovated again back after WW2 (or sometime around there). Nothing that was in there was there when Lincoln was shot, except for a portrait of Lincoln himself. We wanted to go to the museum, but found out the museum at the theatre wasn't open during peak times. The whole thing was done in about 20-30 minutes. Afterwards, you're then able to go across the street to see the house where Lincoln died. It was interesting, but you wait in line again with the same people from the theatre. There are so many people trying to get through, that you really can't take pictures or appreciate the house. I was really disappointed in the whole experience, and friends who have been have felt the same way. Maybe they'll make it better in the next few years, and I'll try to give it another chance.

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