Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cowboy Muffler Man

Cowboy Muffler Man: Plainview Rd, Sherman, TX

I don't know what is up with "muffler men", but there are a whole lot of them in this country I've learned. In the Dallas area, there's this muffler man, and one that looks like the guy from MAD magazine. I guess there's some sort of rivalry between them. We wanted to see both, but decided the other one wasn't going to be on our way to anywhere. It turns out, we took our friend to the airport before heading back home, and we saw the other muffler man as we drove by. We didn't have time to snap a picture of it. When we finally found this muffler man on our way home, I got us lost trying to find it on the way down to Dallas, we weren't disappointed. This one was in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere. The locals were looking at us like we were freaks, but com'on, who wouldn't stop to take a picture of this! There was no parking or place to park other than the side of the road, so my friend I was traveling with got out to take the pictures while I kept the car safe. It was well worth going off the beaten path to find this muffler man.

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