Sunday, March 28, 2010

Daniel Boone's Grave

Daniel Boone's Grave: 215 E. Main St., Frankfort, KY

  • Directions: From Hwy 127: Take a right onto Hwy 60 (Louisville Rd). Follow Hwy 60/Louisville Rd/Taylor Ave/2nd Street/Capitol Ave/Main St. It will be in the Frankfort Cemetery.

I'm not one for cemeteries, they tend to creep me out. This was an amazingly gorgeous cemetery. It sits on a cliff of a river in Frankfort, and has a great view of the Kentucky capitol building and downtown Frankfort. There's a nice plaque and big statue type thing where his grave is. It was worth driving through Frankfort to see. The graves are all really old, and it's hard to imagine people lived so long ago. It was also hard NOT to imagine zombies coming up to grab you. As I said, cemeteries creep me out, so my imagination was out of control there. My imagination was kept in check when my sisters kept getting close to the edge of the cliff to get me freaking out too.

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